About Gaoqi

Gaoqi is a pirate at heart. He is a mix of 50% tech geek and 50% adrenaline junkie. Professionally, he focuses on cryptoassets (software + finance). He loves good experience in life in every respect, so he wants to bring good experiences for the lives of others as well. He is into challenging things. To him, things are not fun if they are too easy. He considers himself a generalist, and he is trying to build his T-shaped skillset with breadth of knowledge + depth of expertise (Jack of all trades, master of a few). Take a glance at his life, he is into interesting creatures (biology), technologies, arts, and adventures. Beyond that, he is on a perpetual journey to understand how the world works (rules of human civilizations and laws of the universe).


Design is a blend of science and art. Design answers two questions:
1) How things work (backend)?
2) How things look (frontend)?
Design takes care of both internal functionality and external appearance, and combine these two aspects into a smooth and meaningful experience.
Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


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User Experience Design
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Engineering Understanding
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Business Acumen
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